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Advantages/Benefits to Customers

Advantages/Benefits for the buyers of the Banko pneumatic grinder, based on the innovations, compared with the currently existing grinders on the market are:

  • Banko pneumatic grinder provides 60-100 % faster grinding at the right speed with high-speed material removal which improves production rates and allows new levels of productivity.
  • Banko pneumatic grinder provides 100% total lifetime work with low maintenance costs.
  • Banko pneumatic grinder provides much less insensitivity to variation of the pressure in the air hose.
  • Banko pneumatic grinder provides grinding with much less vibration due to grinding of the accessories at the right speed.
  • Banko pneumatic grinder provides oil-less production which enables clean surface and more environmentally friendly operation.
  • Banko pneumatic grinder is ergonomically shaped for less operator fatigue and easy control.
  • Banko pneumatic grinder offers a competitive price with high energy efficiency.


The pneumatic grinder is based on some innovations and it has been constructed in accordance with the newest level of technology and with all recognized safety rules. It is designed for continuous usage under the most extreme conditions with high-speed material removal rate in shipyards, metal fabricating, casting, automotive, aerospace, foundry, construction industries and in workshop environments where proper installations of the air under accurate pressure exist.