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Mission and vision


Our goal has always been to reach a leading position in our industry on global markets by continually upgrading the existing products and by designing the new ones with increased service performance level.


Our Research and Development teams have been focusing on innovation and technological advancements. They have been continuously committed to quality enhancement and utterly dedicated to meeting customers’ expectations worldwide. An environment of mutual respect between the BANKO management and highly motivated and trained human resources has created an impetus to achieve unlimited success in our field of work.

 Our responsibilities are to:

  • establish long and lasting business relationships with our customers and to meet their growing expectations.
  • deal with customers and suppliers ethically.
  • be innovative leaders in our industry.
  • be continuously committed to improving our internal processes and to maintain and enhance knowledge and skills of our employees.
  • be continuously committed to increasing cost-saving and accurate productivity for customers’ benefit.
  • continuously improve maintenance through training of personnel and distribution of up-to-date manuals.
  • achieve shorter lead times and to make faster deliveries.
  • stimulate new levels of productivity through innovations.
  • design products for more environmentally friendly operation in order to improve human welfare.
  • be responsive to the needs of the community by offering our business and personal support.