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NEW! Banko M4P Straight grinder for straight wheels

NEW! Banko M4P Straight grinder for straight wheels Banko straight grinder with the most sophisticated patent protected vane machine generates double enhanced torque and power in working range. Straight grinder work with fiber reinforced grinding wheel with peripheral velocity 80 m/s and achieves 100 % faster grinding at the right speed with high material removal rate, which improves production rates and allows new levels of productivity.
No need for lubrication, which enables clean working surface and more environmental-friendly operation and a new, improved ergonomic design for less operator fatigue and easy control of the operator have launched this grinder as one of the most popular items worldwide.

Model: GSB41P S10 SW58
Type: Banko M4 straight for straight wheels
Max. speed: 10000 rpm
Max. power: 3,4 kW
Weight: 4,2 kg
Length: 470 mm
Recommended wheel diameter max: 150 mm